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2023 Annual Awards for Excellence Recipients


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Laura Allison, Ridge Ruxton School, Baltimore County

Laura Allison is in her 16th year of teaching. She has taught at the elementary level and at a school for children with disabilities. She has been nominated for Teacher of the Year three times, accepted a teacher’s union recognition award, and has received multiple music grants. She leads teacher sessions about adapting music instruction for students with disabilities and wrote an adapted curriculum. She has a passion for ensuring that ALL students have access to high quality music instruction. 

Elizabeth Babylon, Sudlersville Middle School, Queen Anne's County

Betsy Babylon holds degrees from Baldwin Wallace Conservatory and Peabody Institute of Music, Music Education from Penn State, and a Master’s in Special Education from the University of Kansas. This helped Babylon serve a diverse group of learners specializing in multi-sensory learning at Radcliffe Creek School prior to joining QACPS, where she created the first ever middle school Strings Program with Principal Rob Watkins. Betsy enjoys playing the piano, viola, and has three adorable children.

Malcolm Bratcher Jr., Pocomoke Elementary School, Worcester County

Malcolm Bratcher is a 5th year teacher at Pocomoke Elementary School. Malcolm is a graduate of Salisbury University where he holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Music Education and is currently completing his master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction. Beyond the classroom, Malcolm also teaches two after-school academies, Broadway Kids, a musical theater class, and Piano Prodigies, helping students learn to play the piano. In addition, he also hosts a youth musical theatre summer camp.

Susan Eckerle, Thomas S. Wootton High School, Montgomery County

Educator, conductor, and clinician, Susan Eckerle earned a Bachelor of Music Education degree from Louisiana State University and Master of Arts, Performance (Conducting) from California State University, Fresno. She has taught for 28+ as a band director in Mississippi, Hawaii, and Maryland public schools. She brings an energetic and enthusiastic approach to her teaching, keeping the students at the forefront of her work.

Lauren Walker, Broadneck High School, Anne Arundel County

Mrs. Walker is the lead vocal teacher for the Apex Arts Magnet Program at Broadneck High School in Anne Arundel County and Artistic Director of the All Children's Chorus of Annapolis. A dedicated professional, Mrs. Walker is in high demand as a guest conductor in Maryland, Virginia and Pennsylvania. She is passionate about music literacy and the mental health of her students and believes building strong relationships is vital to the success of her ensembles.

Grace White, Colgate Elementary School, Baltimore County

Grace White, coined Ms. Blue by her students because of her blue hair, is a music teacher in Baltimore County. She has taught vocal music at Colgate Elementary since she graduated St. Mary's College of Maryland in 2015. A few years into her career, she began making kid-friendly-but-not-just-for-kids songs and videos to help her students learn. She is thrilled to now see them being used outside of her classroom and looks forward to conducting a new piece at the BCPS Choral Festival this spring.

John Wixted, Mardela Middle and High School, Wicomico County

John Wixted (JW), is honored to be receiving this recognition. JW is the choir and theatre director at Mardela Middle & High School in Wicomico County of the Eastern Shore, where he teaches 6-12 graders in a variety of honors and non-performing choirs, general music, acting, and musical theatre classes, a female show choir, drama club, and Tri-M. Beyond MMHS JW is the Vice President of ESCDA, was a founding member and is currently on the executive board for Wicomico's All-County Musical.


Lynnette Moore, Mount View Middle School, Howard County 

Lynnette Moore is the very proud Principal of Mount View Middle School in Howard County. Ms. Moore often shares how blessed she is to have her office close to the Related Arts hallway so she can hear students performing all day. Ms. Moore is humbled by the MMEA’s Award of Excellence recognition because she works with a Music Department that truly lives her motto of “Value the Content, Love the Student.” They provide an environment of exploration, education, and excellence. #Samakajo

Rob Watkins, Sudlersville Middle School, Queen Anne's County

Rob Watkins has spent 22 years with QACPS as a Math Teacher, Teacher Specialist, Asst Principal, Supervisor of Mathematics, and Principal at Sudlersville Middle School. He has a Bachelor's in Mathematics, and an M.Ed in Leadership. Rob resides in Ridgely, MD with his beautiful wife Nicole, and two wonderful daughters Evie and Katie. As an educator, Rob is passionate about inspiring students to find their passion and be lifelong learners, developing the first ever QACPS Strings Program at SMS.  



Dara Case.jpg

Dara Case, Thomas G. Pullen K-8 Creative and Performing Arts School, Prince George's County

Mrs. Case has been serving the students and teachers of Prince George’s County since 2004. She has worked to reduce barriers to music education while welcoming early career educators into her classroom. She asks tough questions on the way to finding solutions, and most recently testified before the Accountability and Implementation Board on the vital need to protect funding for all arts education in the state of Maryland. At the heart of her career is her love for students, past and present. 


Melvin Miles, Jr.,  Morgan State University, Retired 

Melvin N. Miles, Jr., is the former Director of University Bands and Instructor of Music at Morgan State University. He taught Instrumental Music, Brass and Woodwind Methods, Instrumental Music Repertoire, Conducting and served as the Wind, Percussion and String Faculty Coordinator. Melvin served on the Morgan State University faculty from 1973 to 2022. He is a member of the CBDNA, NAfME, MMEA, MBDA, and Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity. Melvin Miles resides in Baltimore with his wife Cathy.

Jim Wharton, Baltimore County, Retired 

Jim Wharton inspires students to excel in music and to share their joy of music with others. In addition to leading highly successful ensembles, he founded the first school steel band in the state. Since then, over twenty school steel band programs have been formed in Maryland. In his honor, the Catonsville HS auditorium was named “Wharton Hall,” and dedicated to “a music teacher and director whose spirit has and will continue to make music ‘much more than just playing notes and rhythms." 




Jana Davis Hobbs、Wicomico High School、Wicomico County


Randine Levy、ロベルトクレメンテ中学校、モンゴメリー郡






2018-Jazmin G.Lawhorn、Crofton Elementary School、Anne Arundel County

MMEA / NAfME模範的な音楽プログラム*

















The Corwin Taylor Music Education Leadership Award

2020 –トッドJ.バロウズ

2019 –スコット・ハーマン

2018 –マイケル・L・マーク

2017 –アニタランバート

2013 –ナンシー・S・グラスミック

2012 –C。ネルソンフリッツ

2011 –リチャードJ.ディージー

2010 –キャサリンA.ロデファー

2009 – Joan Orcutt

2005 – Linda Patton

2004 – Chris Tuel

2002 –メアリーエレンコーン

1999 –バーバラF.キング

1998 –フィリスT.カプラン

1998 –ロジャーJ.フォルストロム

1997年– James L. Tucker、Jr。

1996 –メアリーアンミアーズ

1995 –ローザフレッチャークロッカー

1994 –カレン・ダグラス

The Rosemary & James Walters Service Award


2017 –ジニーフリン


2014 –ジェームズ・L・ターク

2013 – Jan Strevig

2012 –デボラターナー

2011 –ハワードL.ミスキモン

2011 –サブラC.スチュワード

2010 –メイベルレオノーレソーヒル


2003 – Chrystie L. Adams

2002 – Thomas W. Fugate

MMEA Hall of Fame

2020 — Charles Haslup(死後)

2019 –クリス・バダラ(死後)

2018 –ギルバートA.ブルンガルト(死後)

2014 – Dana Rothlisberger

2013 –レイダナー

2012 – Cherie Stellaccio

2012 –C。スコットシャルネツカ

2011 –リー・スティーブンス

2010 –ブルース・D・ウィルソン

2009 –レオーネY.ウッドオール

2008 –リチャードA.ディシャルーン

2008 – James L. Tucker、Jr。

2007 – Olivia W. Gutoff

2006 –メアリーエレンコーン

2006 –ジョンウェイクフィールド

2005 –バーバラF.キング

2005 –マイケル・L・マーク

2004年– Roger J. Folstrom


2003 –リロイバトル


2000 –マイルドレッドB.トレブベット

1999 –ナンシーM.クック

1999 – Sr. Mary Theresine Staub SSND



1996 – James H. Avampato

1996 –カルメロJ.パラッツォ

1995 –デビッド・マーチャンド

1995 –W。ウォーレンスプラウス

1994 –シャーリーJ.シェリー

1994 –ドナルドレジエ

1994 – Mildred R. Reiner

1995 –デビッド・マーチャンド

1995 –W。ウォーレンスプラウス

1994 –シャーリーJ.シェリー

1994 –ドナルドレジエ

1994 – Mildred R. Reiner

1993 – Thomas W. Fugate

1993 –C。ウィリアムジョンソン

1993 – Michael Pastelak

1992 – Blanche F. Bowlsbey

1992 –ジョセフ・F・チャルカー

1992 –ジェームズ・L・フィッシャー

1991 – John Fignar、Jr。

1990 –ロバートE.カーシー

1990 –ドロシーS.ピカード

1989 –アリスS.ビール

1989 –トーマスR.ローレンス

1989 –コーウィン・H・テイラー

1988 –マーガレットブラック
1988 –ロバートS.ボールズ
1988 –デビッド・バーチャック
1988 –フランシスジャックマンシビス
1988 –ジョンコール
1988 –メアリーG.クロス
1988 – John Denues
1988 –ニコラスジェリアック
1988 –トーマスL.ギブソン
1988 –ローズマリーグレンツァー
1988 –S。フェントンハリス
1988 –ミリアムホフマン
1988 –メアリーM.ハンター
1988 –ジョン・イッツェル
1988 –ヘンリエッタベイカーロー
1988 –オットーオルトマン
1988 –フィリップS.ロイヤー
1988 –オスマーシュタインヴァルト
1988 –チャールズCTスタル
1988 –ユージーンW.トロス
1988 –ホーマーウルリッヒ
1988 –C。ジェームズヴェリー
1988 –レヴィワイルダー
1988 –ドロシーウィリソン
1988 – William Llewelyn Wilson

*We are working to complete these lists and will update them as we can.






MMEA / NAfME模範的な音楽プログラム
この賞は、優れた音楽プログラムを表彰するものです。この賞は、プログラムがNAfMEの出版物であるThe School Music Program:Description andStandardsに記載されている基準をどの程度満たしているかに基づいて決定されます。過去5年以内に賞を受賞していない学校はすべて対象となります。

この賞は、教師、管理者、親、業界の代表者、パフォーマー、またはその他の立場で、メリーランド州の若者の音楽教育に多大な貢献をした個人を表彰するものです。コーウィンテイラー音楽教育リーダーシップ賞は、著名なミュージシャン、作曲家、作家、教育者であるコーウィンH.テイラー博士(1905-1992)を記念して1993年に設立されました。音楽教育者全国会議(現在は全米音楽教育協会、NAfME)およびメリーランド音楽教育者協会の積極的なメンバーであるテイラー博士は、1945年から1968年までボルチモア公立学校システムの器楽の監督者であり、 1968年から1976年までメリーランド大学カレッジパーク校。彼は、学生や同僚の生活やキャリアに多大な影響を与えたことで常に記憶に残るでしょう。この賞は毎年授与される場合があります。




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